Mexico has different regional guacamoles. Enjoy them all!


Guacamole copeteado con o sin chapulines, Oaxaca


Served with totopos (corn chips) from Oaxaca’s Istmo. Ideal for sharing. Chapulines 25g.

Guacamole con chicharrón


To enjoy with delicious pieces of thin pork rind. Chicharrón 15g.

Guacamole exquisito, Aguascalientes


Exotic flavor with pickled chiles and chopped tomato and onion. Served with cotija cheese, cream, olive oil, lemon juice and totopos istmeños. 200g.

Starters for sharing

Panuchos de cochinita pibil, Yucatán


Four small corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, served with cochinita pibil on top and cured red onion. For sharing.

Cazuelita de escamoles, Tlaxcala.


Escamoles (ant eggs) fried with epazote. Served with guacamole and corn tortillas, ideal to make tacos. Seasonal dish. 100g.

Auténtico salpicón de venado, Yucatán


Shredded venison meat mixed with coriander, radish, tomato and avocado slices, served with corn totopos. 150g.

Entrees, soups and salads

Tamalito de frijol negro, Tabasco.


Corn dough, mixed with black bean and fried pork rind. Served with red tomato sauce and sprinkled with queso doble crema from Tabasco. 1 piece.

Tamal de chaya, Tabasco


Corn dough, mixed with chaya leaves. Chaya is a green, nutritious leaf from Mexico’s south west. This is a vegetarian version, served with red tomato sauce and sprinkled with queso doble crema from Tabasco. Vegans can order witout cheese.

Sopa de tortilla, Ciudad de México


Considered the queen of all soups. Chicken broth with roasted tomato, shredded chicken, cream, panela cheese, avocado and fried tortilla squares.
250 ml. $170
500 ml. $290
1 l $490

Caldo ranchero


Chicken broth with rice, chicken and garnished with chopped coriander, tomato and avocado. Served with tortilla strips, lemon and salsa. 240ml.

Ensalada de manzana y queso de cabra, Ciudad de México


Mix of lettuce, golden raisins, sweet figs, raspberries, and hibiscus flowers, dressed with organic honey. This salad tends to be on the sweet side. Vegans can order witout cheese. 300g.

Ensalada de lechuga con salpicón de venado, Yucatán


Organic lettuces mixed with venison salpicón, radish, tomato and avocado. 300g.


Lechón para hacerse tacos, Quintana Roo


Slow cooked pork meat with pork rind bits. Served with tortillas, cabbage, salsa xnipec, habanero sauce, beans and pickled onions.
1 kg $770
½ kg $385
1 serving 150g $249

Cochinita pibil, Yucatán


Our achiote (annato) paste is hand made by the mayan hands from Yucatan. Served with salsa xnipec, strained black beans and freshly hand-made corn tortillas, ideal for tacos.
1 kg $750
½ kg $375
1 serving 150g $219

Enchiladas de mole negro, Oaxaca


Our famous enchiladas with mole negro from Oaxaca, stuffed with shredded chicken breast or panela cheese, your choice. Please indicate upon ordering wether you want the enchiladas already assembled or not. Order of 3 pieces.

Pescado Tikin Xic, Yucatán


Made with achiote, served with fried plantain, avocado, fried tortilla and salsa xnipec. A classic from the northern coast of the Península de Yucatán. 180g. Snook or grouper, according to catch of the day.

Filete con salsa de chipotle, Ciudad de México.


Exquisite chile chipotle sauce with mashed potatoes. Meat and cooking term are your choice. All our meat is “Triple A” quality, Canadian or Prime. 180g.
Beef tenderloin $450
Snook or grouper, according to catch of the day $416

Low calorie dishes


We offer any of our lean meats, for those who look for anything low calorie. With pickled vegetables, lettuce salad or white rice.
All our meat is “Triple A” quality, Canadian or Prime. 180g.
Beef tenderloin. $430
Snook or grouper, according to catch of the day. $416

Mexico’s three great moles

Mole poblano conventual


Classic mole with chile ancho, mulato and pasilla, dried fruits and a variety of spices. We serve it with rice, beans and corn tortillas.

Legendario Mole negro


A whole tradition is our mole, for we prepare it sticking to the most traditions from Oaxaca. The mole serving is generous. We serve it with rice, beans and corn tortillas.



Sweet mole of chile ancho, pinneapple, apple, pear and plantain. We serve it with rice, beans and corn tortillas.

Combine between any of this dishes whit the protein of your choice.

Chicken or pork
1 kg. $840
½ kg. $440
1 serving 180g. $240

1 kg. $1100
½ kg. $590
1 serving 180g. $310

Slow roasted duck
1 kg. $1200
½ kg. $650
1 serving 150g. $410

We also offer our legendary mole negro and mole poblano without protein.

1 l $400
½ l $200


Postre líquido


This is a very special chocolate recipe by Chef Ricardo with cocoa beans selected from Tabasco and Chiapas, manufactured in Oaxaca. We prepare it with water and we serve it not so hot, better said: “warm” to be able to enjoy all the characteristics of chocolate.
We have assorted flavors: Anís, café, chile ancho, chile guajillo, chile mixe, jamaica, jengibre, pericón, rosita de cacao, tradicional y vainilla. 240ml.

Tamalito de chocolate


In the old traditions of the central valleys of Oaxaca, when a baby boy is born or baptized, the tamales are made with chocolate; when it’s a girl, they are made with strawberry.
This mixture contains pineapple and pecan, bathed with more chocolate sauce, garnished with red fruit, vanilla sauce and whipped cream. An entire party of flavors as the very origin of this corn “masa” (dough). tamal. 1 piece

Belgian Chocolate Cake


A grand classic from our menu with a pronounced chocolate flavor; nonetheless, it is of a light consistency.


Nicoatole zapoteco


A corn dessert of custard consistency. Served with a delicate “zapote negro” (black sapote, Diospyros digyna) sauce. 155g.

Pastel de tres leches con rompope


A vanilla sponge cake soaked in three types of milk and bathed with our house “rompope” (an eggnog-like drink). 130g.


Freshly made water of the day 1L




Victoria 355ml



Modelo especial 355ml




Coca Cola 355ml



Coca Cola Zero 355ml



Sidral Mundet 355ml



Sidral Mundet Light 355ml






Cuatro Niñas – Barbera, Nebbiolo Valle de Guadalupe, México.



Lynch Nature – Sauvignon blanc, Semillón Bordeaux, Francia.



Ostal Cazes – Grenache, Syrah, Pays d’ Oc, Francia.

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